Veen RSS Reader is a new generation rss feed reader. It’s a beautifully and uniquely designed windows 8 metro app. It’s sleek and easy to use. It aims to provide its users with a distraction free reading experience. It comes with multiple features, including search feeds, multiple themes, an offline mode that allows users to access content even when there is no internet connection, and enhanced filtering options. A complete list of features can be found below.

Veen RSS Reader team is dedicated to providing a seamless reading experience. The team is working relentlessly (and without even stopping for a game of ping-pong) to add cool new features. It is focused on vigilantly resolving any issues as they are reported. If you find anything, please let us know, we will send you a smile.

Veen RSS Reader is a great app and you will love it. We promise.

  1. You must have a google reader account.
  2. If you are looking for app that doesn't require a google account see Veen Feed Reader
  3. We will keep supporting our app even after 1st july (the day google closes its google reader service)

  1. Sync with google-reader
  2. Browse by feeds or labels
  3. Mark feed as read/unread/star/unstar
  4. Search feeds
  5. Filter starred or unread feeds
  6. Mark all items as read at once
  7. Fast content parsing (extracting text article from feed) with just one click
  8. Read in offline mode
  9. Read-feeds are marked light in color for improved readability
  10. Links in articles are underlined with light color so that they don't take away from the reading experience
  11. Simple and common layout design for stress-free interaction
  12. Easy-to-use icons for distraction free reading
  13. Sleek User Interface for awesome usability
  14. Change font size as per your reading comfort
  15. Customize themes (day, night, or sepia)
  16. Dynamic layout that matches your screen size
  17. Snaps perfectly so that you can work on other apps simultaneously
  18. Works in all orientations

You can email us suggestions, problems, screen shots of issues, error numbers (that may appear at top right) or anthing else that you want to share with us.

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